Instructor Tranquilo

Capoeira is an exciting Brazilian artform that is at the same time a Martial Art, a Game and a Dance.

At Warrington Capoeira we teach the style created by Mestre Suassuna and furthered by Mestre Parente of the Cordão de Ouro Capoeira group.

Classes with Instructor Tranquilo are Mondays from 7-8:30pm in Warrington and beginners are welcome – see the Classes tab for more information

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Liverpool Event – Deixa Eu Jogar

On Saturday 13th April we have a very special event – Deixa Eu Jogar – Let Me Play!

Arranged in conjunction with Liverpool John Moore’s University and Winchester University, this is an event for the students of Mestre Parente’s students in the UK!

With classes from Mestre Parente, Instructor Rupiado and Instructor Tranquilo, this is a chance to meet and play with other capoeiristas with students from classes based in Knutsford, Warrington, Wirral, Liverpool, Ormskirk and Edge Hill

Deixa Eu Jogar

Where: Liverpool Students Union, Maryland Street

When: 12:00-17:00 Saturday 13th April  

Cost: £15

After the workshop on Saturday the Student Union bar will be opening at 6pm especially for us!

As if that wasn’t enough, for £5 extra, why not come to classes in Liverpool on Friday (18:30-22:00) and Sunday in Manchester (14:00 – 16:00) followed by a Street Roda!

Accommodation will be free – please contact me for more details,

Hope to see you there!

Warrington Capoeira’s 2nd Anniversary!

On Saturday the 4th August 2012 we celebrated Warrington Capoeira’s 2nd Anniversary workshop,


Bigger and better than our 1st Anniversary, this time we were lucky enough to host 2 Contra-Mestres – my own Mestre, C.M. Parente, and my good friend C.M. Piolho – the best of the North West!

Capoeira, Maculele and lots of rodas were the order of the day, with a party held for everyone to show any moves that don’t belong in the roda (which moves don’t belong in the roda again??? :-) )

Many thanks to my students along with those from Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield and Nottingham for their energy and enthusiasm on the day – axé!

The month of July – shows, workshops, and Dun Dak!

This Summer we had a couple of opportunities to show people a little Capoeira around Warrington.

On July the 13th we performed as part of the Stockton Heath Festival Showcase, and unlike The Moment When… this time we were under cover which made performing in the rain a little less risky!

The following day, Culture Warrington organised the Summer Dance Festival and Warrington Music Festival. Some great local bands were playing in venues around Warrington including the Queen’s Gardens, where we were invited to give a workshop allowing members of the public to try capoeira for free!

Also in July, out in the wider capoeira world, a web site called Dun Dak was launched. This is a website solely for capoeira music, which you can purchase by digital download.

This is a long overdue development and I have seen that iTunes and Spotify now have quite a few capoeira albums too. Previously the only way to get capoeira music was from Capoeira Events, and it depended on which teachers were there and which CDs they brought with them. Later you could order CDs only from Mestre Acordeon’s website the US but this would take a while to arrive and lots of people were put off from buying from overseas.

My collection has taken me years to gather together and now with services like Dun Dak a lot of it is at your fingertips – you don’t know how lucky you are!

Who knows what next Summer will bring? Let’s hope they add more Mestres to their catalogue!

Bring a friend!

Starting Monday 19th November, our venue The Pyramid Arts Centre will be celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary,

To commemorate this we’ll be running classes slightly differently during that week…

***bring a friend and they can train for free!***

If some of you are lucky enough to have more than one friend then get them to bring more friends! For every two people, as long as one is a newcomer they get a free class!

So bring your friends/brothers/sisters/parents/cousins/aunties/uncles on Monday the 19th and Wednesday the 21st and help them understand why you love capoeira.

Can’t say fairer than that – Happy Birthday Pyramid!

The Moment When…

In November of 2011 I was contacted about a project to run as part of the “Cultural Olympiad” celebrating this country’s rich culture and the coming Olympic Games.

The project was called The Moment When… and would culminate in performances in Chester, Warrington, and Tatton Park.

As it was organised by Cheshire Dance, the invitation was open to groups in Cheshire and over 7 months we would develop choreography and rehearse until the night of the big show.

We were helped by Monitora Moranguinho of CDO Chester who worked as a facilitator for Cheshire Dance, and would also be taking part in the shows. Also taking part in the Chester show would be Contra-Mestre Piolho

After practising in typical UK weather (ice, rain, wind, sunshine…) we worked out the details and set about rehearsing.

As the big day arrived, rehearsals became longer and more frequent, and due to the use of Pyrotechnics, the show taking part at night, and the rainy weather forecast, we had to make sure we were well prepared.

The day: June 16th, 2012,  kicked off with the Orford Festival with stalls, sports and live bands, and at 10:30pm as dusk fell…the show started!

The Moment When…

Breakdancers, acrobatics, aerial performers and pyrotechnics among others made the show look amazing! There were groups representing every age group from kids to grandparents and the show gave an accurate take on the variety of groups out there for people to get involved with.

All those involved agreed that the end result was great and worth all the hard work and time put in – definitely an experience to remember!


Capoeira no Castelo

2012 is a special year for Capoeira in the North West – it marks 25 years of capoeira for Contra-Mestre Parente, and 10 years since he first came to the UK to teach capoeira in Manchester and Liverpool,

In May we celebrated this with a workshop held…in a castle! 3 days of workshops and celebrations with visiting teachers from around Europe.

Capoeira no Castelo

The setting was perfect, the atmosphere was amazing, and the people were the best! From daily rodas, barbecues, swimming in rivers, parties…I hope it’s an event to be repeated!

Post-Brazil: First post of 2012

Edit – I started writing this post back in January – along with many others so finally got around to finishing it – hope you like!

Things started with a bang this year – first of all, I went to Brazil for a couple of weeks with some excellent people!

It made me think of the first time I went waaay back in Jan 2005 when I’d been learning capoeira for just over a year. Similarly there was a big group and we made the trip to Mestre Suassuna’s Capoeirando event.

This time around things were different – I had a little less time, a lot more knowledge and language skills and knew exactly where I wanted to go to make the most of my trip.

Salvador da Bahia

One thing that I did this time was to visit Salvador – a must-see for any capoeirista, with iconic buildings such as Mercado Modelo, the Pelourinho district, Forte de Santo Antônio além do Carmo and Igreja do Bonfim. Similarly iconic are the Mestres – Boca Rica, MoraesJogo de Dentro and many many more. Not to be forgotten was the food, as immortalised by Mestre Suassuna: “E comer um ximxim de galinha, Muita pimenta no acarajé, Vatapá , cururu e abará, E a famosa moqueca de tucunaré” – I think we worked our way through everything on the menu, and have since tried my hand at cooking a few and was happy with the results!

Capoeirando was excellent – some great classes especially from Contra-Mestre Cueca, and amazing capoeira demonstrations during the Formatura, including Berimbau by Mestre Suassuna and Pandeiro by Mestre Brasilia – the founders of our group. I was also particularly happy to see Professor Piolho become a Contra-Mestre – I was introduced to Piolho at Capoeirando in 2005 by my teacher, Contra-Mestre Parente, and 7 years later he now teaches capoeira in the UK so it’s nice to see how things work out because of capoeira.

Capoeirando Formatura

After some surfing in Itacaré and a few days in Rio, it was time to head home. I left Brazil wanting to go back soon – anyone fancy a trip?

Capoeira Show at Parr Hall, Warrington

This coming Sunday 18th December 2011 we are performing a capoeira show at the Parr Hall in Warrington as part of Warrington Education and Community Dance platform.

We’re first on at 13:15 and our slot will last for 10 minutes, so please arrive early at 13:00 and bring your whites.

If anyone has friends or family who would like to watch the capoeira show, along with a number of dance groups from around the North West, please click on the picture: